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“Travel takes me out of the ordinary and into a world of wonder, magic, and adventure.” Walt Disney World is Anita's favorite destination. “I love the smells on Main Street, the corny jokes of Jungle Cruise, the uniquely themed restaurants, and the general excitement of feeling like a kid again. Disney tells a story with every attraction and resort.”

Anita graduated from Hood College in 1987 with a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation. She has a professional background in Parks and Recreation. After 30 trips to Walt Disney World and years of sharing her Disney secrets and tips with others, she became an independent Travel Professional in 2014 associated with a Florida agency. She is thrilled to share her love for Walt Disney World with her clients at Antietam Travel Service. Anita is also enthusiastic about helping travelers enjoy the western United States, Alaska, and the all-inclusive resorts of Mexico and the Caribbean.