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Plan Your Honeymoon with ATS

Congratulations on your engagement! You're getting married soon. You wish to have a traditional Honeymoon. Whatever your plans are, you have plenty of other details to worry about for the wedding. Why not let the professional travel consultants at Antietam Travel Service help you with planning your honeymoon?

We can help! We will help you plan the Honeymoon of your dreams.

Honeymoon Venue

Honeymoon Venue

After you have booked and deposited your Honeymoon with your travel consultant, we will set up a Honeymoon Registry page (see a sample here) on our Web site if you like so your family and friends can see your plans. You may sign up at our Honeymoon and Destination Wedding Registry page.

Your Honeymoon Registry page also explains how your family and friends can contribute toward your honeymoon. We will send you a copy of their gift acknowledgement so you can send a thank-you note. Not only will this help pay for your honeymoon, but it is also a very convenient gift from your family and friends. They simply visit our Wedding Gifts page and arrange for payment in any amount they wish. What could be more convenient?

The Honeymoon Registry page is a special free service for our clients. To find out more and to start planning your dream honeymoon, simply stop by ATS, give us a call at 301-662-8080, or send an email to for further information.

Honeymoon and Destination Wedding Registry Sign-Up Form

Sample Honeymoon Registry

Wedding Gifts

Questions? Send an email to .

Please call us today at 301-662-8080 and we'll start planning your dream honeymoon together!